The recruiters at DTS were very attentive and knowledgeable representatives for me during my recent contract assignment. They would go out of their way to help me with the smallest of issues. They were a pleasure to work with and I can recommend them very highly.

-Charlie P.

Driver Staffing Services to Fit Your Needs  

From temporary driver staffing to direct hire and payroll solutions, we offer a complete suite of staffing services designed to fit your business model.

Short or Long Term Temporary Staffing

Staff for special projects, vacation coverage, driver shortages or business spikes
Using your specific hiring criteria, the DTS team will present pre-screened, highly qualified drivers to fill your unique needs. Whether your requirement is for one week or several months, you decide. 

Temp-To-Hire Staffing

Try before you hire to reduce hiring risks.
In this economy every hiring decision is a critical hiring decision, that's why DTS will provide you the right employee, right now.  After the interview process you choose an employee who will work for a trial period. Upon completion of this trial period, you decide whether to continue with a contract arrangement or offer them an opportunity to join your team as a full-time employee. This "try before you hire" arrangement is mutually beneficial to the employer and the candidate because it ensures a good working relationship before you both make the long-term commitment. DTS will ensure the candidate matches your internal hiring criteria to save re-verifying MVR's or background checks when it comes time to hire.

Direct Hire Staffing

Shorten your search for highly skilled, full-time employees.
The requisition has been approved and you need to hire a direct employee to join your team.  The DTS recruitment team partners with you to build an employee profile of the perfect candidate for your needs. Using our state of the art recruitment software and transportation industry expertise, DTS will recruit, screen, and evaluate candidates, giving you the time to stay focused on your business. Only the most qualified candidates will be presented to you for final evaluation.

Payrolling Services

Outsource payroll and save your budget the associated costs and burdens.
Choose the employees you want to work for you and place them on the DTS payroll.  Employee referral plans are also a great way to source your own candidates and letting DTS payroll them will give you the time to make sure they are a match for your organization. We will take care of payroll administration, workers compensation, unemployment insurance and other costs involved with hiring an employee.