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How to Avoid Junk Food & Stay Fit as a Truck Driver

truck driver foodTruck driving and exercise are not three words that you usually hear in the same sentence. The last thing that any truck driver wants to think about after they have spent hours behind the wheel is exercising. Being pent up in the cab of a truck for hours at a time is tiring.

Truck drivers need food to keep going, and the food that you find at the truck stops that litter the highways of America is not all that healthy. In fact, the food that is being served up at truck stops would make a nutritionist faint.

Diet and exercise: These are two very common problems that truck drivers are facing, and they can be very difficult to overcome.

A True Story

Mike Miller is a 47 year old truck driver that has been hitting the highway for over 20 years. He loves seeing the country and he loves sitting behind the wheel. In his 20 plus years of driving a truck, his weight has gone from a healthy 155 pounds  to 275+. His blood pressure is through the roof and he is at a high risk for a heart attack.

“I love eating burgers and fries. That is the only thing that most truck stops are serving,” says Mike. “My doctor tells me that I need to do something before I have a heart attack.” adds the truck driver.

Mike took his doctor’s advice and in two years dropped over 100 pounds. Listen up fellow truck drivers. This is how he did it.

Eating Healthy on the Road

Mike quickly realized that eating healthy on the road meant he could no longer stop at truck stops to eat. He started purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables that he could munch on while driving down the highway. His cooler is now full of things like:

  • grapes
  • watermelon
  • sliced apples
  • peaches
  • nectarines

He replaced his salty potato chip craving with healthy nuts like: almonds, cashews and pistachios. This was the first step towards losing the weight that the road put on. He did something else.

He also threw the idea of sodas right out the window. He replaced them with good old fashioned water.


Mike noticed a change in his energy levels when he started to eat all of these good foods. He had energy left over for exercising. He started out small and worked his way up.

Mike quickly noticed there were natural ways to exercise while on the road. He looked for stairs and he started to use them whenever he found them. He even used them as nothing more than an exercise tool.

Mike also purchased a small folding bicycle that fits nicely in the cab of his truck. It is not unusual to see him speeding around rest areas and refilling stations, but that is not all he did. In order to keep things from getting boring, Mike started incorporating different exercises into his daily routine. A nice morning walk before the drive. Jumping rope for 5 minutes every couple of hours and parking further away so that he would be forced to walk were just a few ideas he put into action.

Life behind the wheel does not need to be full of junk foods and poor exercising habits. There is no reason that you can’t use Mike’s ideas to give yourself a better quality of life.


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